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Chocolate Pudding marijuana strain is a balanced hybrid that offers a potent combination of physical and mental stimulation that is best suited as a daytime weed. With an impressive genetic lineage of the award-winning potent Kosher Kush and the flavorful Chocolope marijuana strain. The result is this equally delightful weed that reeks of sweet chocolate flavors complementing the already cerebral and body heavy stone of the weed! Its THC level averages at 20%, so recreational and medical cannabis users will be treated to a day full of energy and relaxing highs!

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More About Chocolate Pudding Fast Version

Type: Balanced hybrid
Genetics Parents: Chocolope x Kosher Kush
Flowering Period: 7 – 9 weeks
Climate: Warm and Dry
Yield: 400 – 600 grams
Flavors: Chocolate, Sweet, Coffee, Vanilla, Earthy
THC Level: 20%
CBD Level: unknown
Height: Tall
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Chocolate Pudding Fast Version?

Chocolate Pudding cannabis strain offers a great combination of mental and physical highs that everyone will love. It starts with a slight head buzz that will slowly intensify, This sensation gives the user mental clarity as the mental state of the user will be very focused. This head rush also ushers in a feeling of euphoria as their moods are elevated. A slight energy boost, just enough to lift the user and provide them that vigor needed to be productive. AS the multiple cerebral effects reach a plateau, a warm feeling will start to trickle down the user’s spine sending goosebumps all over! The warming sensation soon wraps the entire body in complete relaxation. The intensity of the relaxation is not couch locking making this a perfect weed for daytime use. It can be a productive weed as the energy it provides gives the user the strength to perform tasks as its focused effects and mood upliftment provides that motivated and inspired feeling to be functional and productive!

If the effects of these weeds are pleasingly mellow and calming, the aroma of this weed will have you jumping in excitement as it reminds you of being in your favorite coffee place as the scents of coffee, vanilla, and chocolate all come together to bring a very flavorful smoke. A pungent earthy cannabis flavor is also noticeable but is mostly drowned by the sweetness of the fragrance. As the bud is lit, the earthy cannabis becomes more prominent with hints of vanilla and coffee blending for a creamy smoke. As the smoke touches the taste buds, a sweet chocolate flavor will be instantly noticeable!

What are the Medical Benefits of Chocolate Pudding Fast Version?

Chocolate Pudding weed strain can offer to be beneficial to medical cannabis patients as well. Its euphoric and mood uplifting properties will give the user that immediate positive vibe and improve their demeanor to project confidence. With these effects, those suffering from stress, PTSD, anxiety, and depression can use it to uplift their persona and block away from all those disturbing thoughts that hinder their functionality. Chocolate Pudding can also be a great pain reliever as it has sedating and analgesic properties that help provide relief to medical cannabis patients suffering from chronic pain, back pains, joint inflammation, and muscle spasms.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Chocolate Pudding Fast Version?

Some side effects come when smoking this weed, For those not accustomed to the potency of the weed, it may cause dizziness, but this will soon go away as the body and mind adjust to the effects of the weed. Cottonmouth is another side effect that can be easily remedied by taking in lots of hydrating fluids during and after the smoke. Experiencing dry eyes can be addressed by applying moisturizing eye drops to soothe the irritation.

How to Grow Chocolate Pudding Fast Version?

Chocolate Pudding Fst Version weed strains are easy to grow and can be cultivated indoors or outdoors. They prefer to be exposed to warm and dry environments, so it is important to keep an eye on humidity levels not to exceed above 50% especially during the flowering stage as too much water vapor in the air will promote a build-up of moisture in the buds that may lead to bud rot. These plants will start to flower and be ready for harvest in 7 to 9 weeks and yield 400 to 600 grams of high-quality chocolate Pudding buds!


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