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Critical 2.0 Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Critical 2.0 is a strain with very high THC and bountiful yields. It’s a grower’s pride as it can flower the quickest at just 6 weeks! Your plants will grow up to 150 cm and will produce up to 700 grams of usable yield per plant as long as you provide the ideal growing conditions.

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More About Critical 2.0 (fem)

Critical 2.0 (fem) is a sativa dominant hybrid feminized cannabis strain. It is a strain with high THC content and faster flowering rates. It was created from the genotype of a Critical + strain and is feminized, which means you will only grow female plants.

Critical 2.0 is a beginner strain that will thrive in temperate and sunny climates. It may be cultivated indoors, outdoors, and inside greenhouses and will flower in 6 to 8 weeks. This plant is a medium plant that can produce up to 700 grams. These buds have 18% THC and 0.3% CBD and will be ready for harvest in September.

The plant grows up to 150 cm with flavors like earthy, pepper, lemon, and pine. It will respond to training to grow more yields like SCROG and SOG methods. It will also do well with trimming, topping, and pruning to control its growth and yields.

2 reviews for Critical 2.0 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. L. Teichelmann

    It is so far ahead of the rest of my plants that I can’t even believe it. She is expanding at a much faster rate than the rest. Every single one of them germinated. She was long and lean, with big, bulky, dense buds. It quickly develops into a weed plant dripping with resin that is aesthetically pleasing. It’s ideal for those looking for a euphoric buzz with good cerebral effects, such as myself! Reducing my stress and improving my mental state. It has a pleasant lemon, wood, and spice flavor. Growing this strain was a rewarding experience.

  2. Walter H.

    Critical 2.0 is truly unique in that it has excellent mold resistance while growing large, tightly-packed buds and blooms in just 8 weeks. Her energizing wave pulses through my muscles, continuing her revitalizing effect. It relieves my tension and improves my mood. My body slows down as a result of the mellow comedown. It’s refreshing because it’s complex and nuanced. Satisfied!!

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