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Fruit Autoflower is a medicinal strain with a low THC levels and high CBD amounts. It is a therapeutic strain to help you deal with chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression and many more. This is a small plant at only 100 cm tall thanks to its automatic lineage. At this height, it’s best for stealth indoor growing.

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More About Fruit Autoflower 

Fruit Autoflower is a balanced sativa-indica hybrid autoflowering cannabis strain. It is a strain with low THC and higher CBD and thus may be used as a potent therapeutic strain. Fruit Flower is the automatic version of the Fruit strain, mixing a Fruit with a ruderalis.

It is not easy to grow because it is a very small plant with mature Fruit Autoflower growing just 100 cm. Fruit Autoflower can be cultivated in a warm, temperate, or a sunny environment. Flowering time will take 6 to 8 weeks, and your buds will have low THC at only 10% and up to 7% CBD.

Because of its size, many stealth growers prefer to cultivate this secretly. You can expect around 50 to 100 grams of usable yield per plant with buds smelling like berry, sweet, honey, and tropical fruits. This strain is just like other autoflowering strains as it will harvest all year round.

1 review for Fruit Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Angela

    Definitely newbie-friendly and the effects are not overwhelming which is something I enjoyed a lot as a new smoker. It’s fast-maturing too, it only spent 6 weeks in the flowering period then I was able to harvest a decent yield. And since it’s short and doesn’t take up much space, having multiple cropping or growing in a batch should be feasible. To get optimum results I added 1/3 of coco coir to the substrate and also used pots of 10 liters and I was gifted with a sugary beauty that had huge colas and branches filled with aromatic buds. As its name suggests, it has a sweet and fruity aroma that’s congruent to the taste. I love that the honey and berry flavor lingered on my tongue as my worries were washed away. It’s great for doing creative activities too since there’s a surge of energy and creativity buuuuuuuut it wont last long till the calming effects set in and then you’re off to dreamland til next morning. So I definitely don’t recommend daytime use. Glad I started with this one and would definitely keep this in my pantry.

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