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Gravity Strain Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Discover the convenience of growing cannabis with Gravity Strain Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds! This Indica-Dominant Hybrid is a valuable choice for both beginners and experienced cultivators.

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Frequently Bought Together

Frequently bought together

Gravity Strain
Gravity Strain Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Frequently Bought Together

Frequently bought together

Gravity Strain
Gravity Strain Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds
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Strain Specification

Strain Specification
Hash Plant x Northern Lights x Ruderalis
THC Level
15 - 20%
CBD Level
CBG Level
Category Type
Indica Dominant Hybrid
Growing Level
Flowering Time
8 weeks
Strain Specification
Indoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Outdoor Height
Medium (5 to 8 FT)
Harvest Time
Mid - October
Indoor Yields
350-600 g/m2
Outdoor Yields
40-175 g/plant
Taste and Smell
Citrus, Floral, Herbal, Minty, Sweet, Tea
Caryophyllene, Humulene, Phellandrene, Pulegone


It provides a gentle and relaxing high, with a THC content ranging from 15% to 20% and a CBD content of 0.20%. In just 8 weeks, you can enjoy a plentiful harvest of high-quality buds. If you desire variety, don’t forget to explore the feminized options as well. Enhance your cultivation journey with Gravity Strain, and remember to consider Sonoma Seeds, your trusted source for premium cannabis seeds and expert guidance in Canada. Cultivate your cannabis aspirations with confidence and certainty!

Gravity Strain Description

The extraordinary Gravity Strain is a remarkable hybrid born from the impressive lineage of Hash Plant, Northern Lights, and Ruderalis. This exceptional blend brings together the best of these strains to offer you a unique and satisfying cannabis journey. With a THC content ranging from 15% to 20%, Gravity Strain delivers a potent punch that appeals to both seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers. Its mild CBD content of 0.20% provides just the right touch of balance.

As an Indica Dominant Hybrid, Gravity Strain is your ticket to relaxation and tranquility. Imagine taking a hit and feeling an instant wave of calm wash over you, melting away the worries and tension of the day. This strain is perfect for those moments when you just want to unwind and feel at peace.

Gravity Strain also has a knack for sparking your appetite, making it a fantastic choice if you’re in the mood for some delicious treats. And let’s not forget the happiness and arousal it can bring, creating an all-encompassing experience that leaves you content and satisfied.

Flavor and Appearance of Gravity Strain

This strain assures a flavor profile that is nothing short of extraordinary, resembling a delightful fusion of terpenes like Humulene, Caryophyllene, Phellandrene, and Pulegone. Imagine relishing the juicy essence of ripe oranges, seamlessly intertwined with herbal and tea-like undertones. It’s reminiscent of a lively garden soirée, with a subtle hint of mint and a delicate floral touch. Every inhalation guarantees a sensory pleasure that will leave you yearning for additional indulgence.

When it comes to appearance, Gravity Strain buds are a visual treat. They are robust and compact, gleaming with a resinous coating that evokes thoughts of liquid gold. The amber-colored hairs elegantly weaving through the buds add an element of sophistication to this already captivating strain. Beyond their visual and gustatory appeal, these marijuana seeds offer a cannabis experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Gravity Strain invites you to embark on a flavorful adventure that transcends the mundane. From its enticing terpene blend to its exquisite visual allure, this strain provides a comprehensive cannabis experience that will enchant you and keep you coming back for more.

How to Grow Gravity Strain

Growing Gravity Strain is a breeze, making it an ideal choice for beginners and seasoned cultivators alike. To achieve a thriving crop, here’s how you can cultivate this outstanding cannabis variety.

Gravity Strain thrives in warm, sunny, and Mediterranean-like climates, so ensure your growing environment matches these conditions. Outdoors, this strain typically reaches a moderate height of 5-8 feet, while indoors, it stays compact at 0-4 feet. One of its standout features is its resistance to mold and mildew, which makes it a robust option for various growing conditions. Expect dense buds with thick amber hairs, promising a bountiful harvest.

When cultivating indoors, you can anticipate yields ranging from 350-600 grams per square meter. For outdoor growers, this strain yields approximately 40-175 grams per plant. In just 8 weeks of flowering, your plants will be ready for harvest, and the ideal time for this is typically in mid-October. This strain’s reliability and generous yields make it an excellent addition to any cannabis garden.

So, whether you’re a novice grower or a seasoned pro, Gravity Strain promises an easy and rewarding cultivation experience. With its impressive characteristics and substantial yields, you’re in for a treat when you choose to grow this exceptional cannabis variety.

Gravity Strain Effects

Immerse yourself in the enchanting effects of Gravity Strain, which will transport you to a realm of relaxation and tranquility. This exceptional strain is renowned for its ability to instill a profound sense of serenity, making it the perfect choice for those in pursuit of relaxation and relief from daily concerns.

Gravity Strain is celebrated for its calming attributes, gently guiding you into a state of peace. It serves as an excellent remedy for unwinding after a demanding day, as it induces a drowsy, tranquil sensation that is hard to resist. Furthermore, this strain has the potential to stimulate your appetite, making it an appealing option for those with a desire for delectable treats.

Users of this strain frequently report feelings of happiness and contentment, along with a noticeable sense of calm and arousal. It offers a well-rounded experience that aids in unwinding and discovering your inner bliss. So, if you are on the lookout for a strain that can help you relax, boost your appetite, and leave you feeling content, Gravity Strain may very well become your new favored companion.


1 review for Gravity Strain Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Holden

    Really GOOD! my baby is pest and mold resistant, so I made the right decision to grow her outside where she can get lots of sunlight and airflow. Her strong structure gives me an abundant harvest – approx 21 ounces per crop. Even the most inexperienced gardeners will enjoy growing this pot. As I light it up, it instantly relieves my stress and pain, leaving me feeling weightless, WOW! just like magic. I like that enticing aroma with hints of sweetness and a citrus earthy flavor. I usually smoke it in the evening before going to bed. It puts me at peace and allows me to unwind. I had a good night’s sleep. I strongly suggest it!! You’ll surely enjoy it!

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