Lucid Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Lucid Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds


The Lucid Dream Fem is a sativa-dominant hybrid between Amnesia Haze and Blue Dream. This strain has a 25% THC level and 4% CBD level that will instantly jolt your mind and body into a euphoric and energized state. After a while, a soothing relaxation takes over that will give you a mellow sensation. This strain has a sweet blueberry and fruity lime flavor that will make your mouth drool.

The Lucid Dream Fem strain grows into a tall plant with orange-hued pistils and dense buds wrapped in resinous trichomes. These plants can thrive indoors and outdoors to yield between 340-500g of harvest in just 8-9 weeks. These plants can be grown easily by new cultivators.

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More About Lucid Dream Feminized Strain

Type: Sativa-dominant
Genetics Parents: Amnesia Haze x Blue Dream
Flowering Period: 8-9 weeks
Climate: Sunny, Continental, Temperature, Mediterranean
Yield: 340-400g/m2 indoors / 400-500g per plant outdoors
Flavors: Lime, Sweet, Fruit, Blueberry
THC Level: 25%
CBD Level: 4%
Height: Tall
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Lucid Dream Feminized?

The Lucid Dream Fem strain has a sweet lime and blueberry flavor that will instantly give you a cerebral buzz that will energize, motivate, and induce focus. This experience will flow from your head to your toes, leaving you in a dream-like state. After a while, a mellow relaxing bliss will be experienced. This strain is perfect for those who are determined to achieve mundane tasks.

What are the Medical Benefits of Lucid Dream Feminized?

The Lucid Dream Fem strain can be used as a mood-boosting medicine that can benefit those with depression, stress, and PTSD. This strain can also help ADD and ADHD patients feel more focused and concentrated. Moreover, this strain can alleviate mild pains such as migraines, cramps, joint aches, fatigue, and the like.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Lucid Dream Feminized

The Lucid Dream Fem strain will often lead to dry mouth and eyes after consumption. Drinking enough water will help alleviate these effects. Consumers can also experience headaches, anxiety, and paranoia when taken in large quantities. Moderate consumption of this strain is advised.

How to Grow Lucid Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

The Lucid Dream Fem strain grows into a high plant with orange-colored hairs and heavy buds covered in dripping trichomes. These plants can grow in any setting to produce between 340-500g of yield in just 8-9 weeks. These plants can be simply cultivated by new growers.

Growing indoors, these plants can yield 340-400g of harvest in just 9 weeks of cultivation. Keep the humidity and temperature levels at constant optimal conditions for them to thrive and survive. The Screen of Green method can be applied to manage the height of the plants.

Growing outdoors, these plants can yield between 400-500g of harvest within 9 weeks. Keep them in a warm and dry location with good access to the sun. Pruning the hedges may be required to manage the height of the plants.


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