Master Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Master Kush is an indica-dominant feminized strain with high THC and quicker flowering times. It’s small at just 75 cm tall but able to produce up to 500 grams of weed per plant. This is not a beginner strain as it needs a careful hand to grow and produce good yields as well.

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More About Master Kush (fem)

Master Kush (fem) is an indica dominant hybrid feminized cannabis strain. It is a strain with very high THC and faster flowering times. Master Kush is a genotype of a classic Mazar and a legendary Afghan Kush. This strain is also a feminized strain, which means that it will only have female plants, no males, or hermaphrodite plants in your growing area.

Master Kush is not a beginner strain. It is a small plant that will have towering yields, and thus, you must take control and support your plants. This favors warm, sunny, and temperate climates. You must cultivate it indoors or outdoors. It should be cultivated indoors or inside a greenhouse so you can closely monitor your plants’ growth and flowering.

Your plants will bloom early at six at eight weeks. It is a small plant that grows up to 75 cm only. But despite this, you can get 400 to 500 grams of yield per plant.

1 review for Master Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Bright H.

    This is the real master herb when it comes to easing my depression and insomnia. A euphoric haze jumbled my emotions, softened my perceptions, and instilled in me a new sense of hope. For a brief moment, stress melts away, and a relaxed attitude takes its place. Strain that is exceptionally hardy. Outdoors, it grows rapidly in just 8 weeks and generates large yields. It has thick, small foliage, and although it is usually hardy, pruning is still recommended to boost ventilation, exposure to light, and nutrition intake. The residual prune waste is perfect for making bubble oil!

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