Space Cookies Autoflower Marijuana Seeds
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Space Cookies Strain Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Discover the Space Cookies Strain Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds for an enjoyable and straightforward journey. This particular variety is known for its ease of cultivation, making it a perfect option for beginners.

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Frequently Bought Together

Frequently bought together

Space Cookies Autoflower Marijuana Seeds
Space Cookies Strain Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Frequently Bought Together

Frequently bought together

Space Cookies Autoflower Marijuana Seeds
Space Cookies Strain Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Specification

Strain Specification
Girl Scout Cookies x Afghani x Ruderalis
THC Level
CBD Level
CBG Level
Category Type
Indica Dominant Hybrid
Growing Level
Flowering Time
8-10 weeks
Strain Specification
Indoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Outdoor Height
Medium (5 to 8 FT)
Harvest Time
Indoor Yields
Outdoor Yields
Taste and Smell
Berry, Earthy, Pine, Sweet
Caryophyllene, Humulene, Limonene, Linalool, Ocimene


With a genetic profile leaning towards Indica Dominant Hybrid, it offers gentle yet mood-enhancing effects. The THC levels range from 18% to 22%, while CBD content remains minimal at 0.10%. Your hard work will pay off in just eight to ten weeks. For top-quality cannabis seeds, Sonoma Seeds is your trusted partner in Canada, dedicated to enhancing your cultivation experience and helping you succeed in your cannabis growing endeavors.

Space Cookies Strain Description

The Space Cookies Strain is a true gem in the world of cannabis that’s ready to take you on an unforgettable journey. This hybrid beauty is a blend of Girl Scout Cookies, Afghani, and Ruderalis, resulting in a masterpiece that offers an experience like no other. With a THC content ranging from 18% to 22%, Space Cookies Strain delivers a potent punch that’s perfect for both novice and experienced enthusiasts. It falls into the category of an Indica Dominant Hybrid, which means you can expect a well-balanced combination of effects.

When you indulge in this strain, get ready for a relaxation sensation that washes over your body like a gentle wave. This strain is known for its long-lasting, creative, and uplifting effects, which make it a go-to choice for those looking to unwind and tap into their artistic side. It’s not just about getting high; it’s about enhancing your overall experience.

While Space Cookies Strain may induce a cerebral buzz, it’s important to note that it also brings about a soothing body high, making it perfect for both relaxation and creativity. So, whether you’re seeking some creative inspiration or simply want to unwind after a long day, this strain has you covered. And don’t forget, this strain boasts a minimal CBD content of 0.10%, ensuring that you’ll experience the full force of its unique effects.

Flavor and Appearance of Space Cookies Strain

Space Cookies Strain embodies the ultimate dream for cannabis enthusiasts, captivating the senses with their exquisite flavors and stunning appearance. The terpene profile of the Space Cookies Strain orchestrates a delightful blend of tastes and scents. The combination of Humulene, Limonene, Caryophyllene, Ocimene, and Linalool creates a sensory masterpiece within this strain. When you take a breath in, you’ll encounter earthy and piney undertones that transport you to the heart of a lush forest, as if you were taking a tranquil stroll amidst the scent of pine trees. But that’s not all; a subtle hint of berry essence graces your taste buds, infusing the blend with delightful sweetness. This intricate spectrum of flavors simultaneously offers a calming and invigorating experience, truly a treat for your palate.

Shifting our focus to its visual appeal, the Space Cookies Strain does not disappoint. The substantial, robust buds proudly display their strength and top-notch quality. Each nugget is adorned with sparkling trichomes that catch the light, resembling miniature pieces of art. It’s a visual spectacle, an enticing feast for the eyes that foreshadows the remarkable cannabis journey that lies ahead.

How to Grow Space Cookies Strain

Growing Space Cookies Strain is a breeze, making it the perfect choice for beginners and seasoned growers alike. With its easy-to-manage nature and a host of resilient characteristics, this strain practically thrives on simplicity. When it comes to climate, Space Cookies Strain prefers sunny, Mediterranean conditions. Give it plenty of sunshine, and it’ll reward you with dense, bulky buds that are not only visually appealing but also packed with potent goodness.

One of the standout features of this strain is its resilience. It’s mold-resistant, pest-resistant, and disease-resistant, making it a low-maintenance option that can withstand various challenges. From seed to harvest, Space Cookies Strain takes just 8-10 weeks to flourish, making it a relatively quick-growing strain. Outdoors, it typically reach a medium height of 5-8 feet, while indoors, it stays compact at 0-4 feet, making it suitable for those with limited space.

Come October, you can expect to reap the rewards of your efforts with a bountiful harvest. Outdoors, each plant can yield an impressive 700-1000 grams, while indoor growers can expect a solid 400-550 grams per square meter.

Space Cookies Strain Effects

Immerse yourself in a captivating blend of effects that enchant both the mind and body, making this strain truly extraordinary and a must-try for any cannabis enthusiast. Your gateway to deep relaxation is none other than the Space Cookies Strain. Imagine a gentle wave of serenity sweeping away your worries and tension, providing relief after a demanding day, or simply allowing you to revel in tranquility. Furthermore, this strain also reveals a sense of exhilaration, uplifting your mood and evoking an infectious, joyful grin, like a delightful burst of happiness engulfing your senses. Importantly, the enduring pleasure brought about by the Space Cookies Strain ensures that your positive disposition lasts well into the evening.

However, let’s not overlook its cognitive and creative aspects. The Space Cookies Strain possesses a unique ability to ignite your imagination and enhance your concentration, acting as a mental catalyst that offers clarity and enthusiasm for tasks or artistic pursuits. Nevertheless, its most remarkable feature may lie in the soothing body high it provides. Experience a gentle, calming sensation, easing tension, and promoting relaxation—a feeling akin to receiving a comforting, rejuvenating embrace.


1 review for Space Cookies Strain Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Minnis

    I grew 10 Space Cookies Auto plants, each with a strong side branch. They’ll need to be nourished for 60-71 days before they’re ready to harvest. In regards to yields, they’ve been very generous to me..with its pine aroma and sweet flavor, it would not only make me feel better, but would also cheer me up. Surprisingly, I only need a small amount to ease my insomnia and anxiety. My pot is perfect for unwinding after a hard day…however, the richness of flavor may be too much for some people, causing throat irritation and coughing. it is advisable to drink enough water. Something I’ll be buying again and again..

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