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True OG Feminized strain is an indica-hybrid strain ideal for first-time growers. It needs a sunny and warm climate to grow well. It is a small plant growing only 75 cm tall, but despite this, you can get as much as 500 grams of yield. Your buds will also have very steep 27% THC, so use this moderately to prevent a couchlock effect.

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More About True OG Feminized

True OG (fem) is a mostly indica hybrid feminized cannabis strain that’s a genotype of the OG Kush. Being so, it has retained the growing properties of an OG Kush but has been enhanced with feminized traits. Growing a feminized True OG will give you only female plants.

True OG is not a strain for first-time growers. It requires a temperate or sunny climate to thrive, but it has to be kept inside a growing room or space. It is a short plant with a maximum height of 75 cm but will produce 500 grams per plant. It needs an experienced grower to support its dazzling buds, especially when its near October, which is the strain’s harvest month.

True OG buds have the highest THC of 27%, something recreational growers will appreciate. Its height and productive nature make this a fantastic strain for stealth cannabis growing.

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  1. B. Thomas

    Growing this is great for beginners like me especially for those who want to grow indoors as it grows short and stout. However, it does require the necessary cannabis growing knowledge especially when it comes to feeding and preventing molds and mildew. I got by with the help of my friends and a bit of research here and there. My tip would be to feed it with high calcium and magnesium as these push the flowers to bloom at their full potential. There should be a good airflow and regular pruning too to prevent the molds and mildew. I got about 1.6 ounces of nugs per square foot after 8 weeks of flowering. It has a dank fragrance blended with pine and citrus, the flavor is just the same, a tingling sour lemon on the tongue with hints of pine. The smoke was smooth and rich, making the euphoric effect 1000x amazing. It’s like creative juice went up and down my body urging me to do something with it. But the rush doesn’t last long, soon enough I found myself drooling. Overall a great experience from cultivating to smoking! Definitely found what I’ve been looking for and will surely come back for more.

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