Watermelon OG Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Watermelon OG Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


Watermelon OG is an indica dominant hybrid with a genetic lineage that is unknown. Watermelon fragrance and taste are blended with strawberries and honey in this 14 percent THC strain. Until a sedated relaxation takes over the body, this sweet strain induces a euphoric and uplifting high.

Watermelon OG flowers quickly and matures into a medium-sized plant with large, thick buds flecked with crystal resin. They excel in outdoor and indoor environments, producing a medium-sized harvest in as little as 8-9 weeks. This strain is relatively easy to develop because it does not necessitate a lot of upkeep and attention.

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More About Watermelon OG Autoflower Strain

Type: Mostly Indica
Genetics Parents: Unknown
Flowering Period: 8-9 weeks
Climate: Warm
Yield: Medium
Flavors: Strawberry, Honey, and Watermelon
THC Level: 14%
CBD Level: Low
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Watermelon OG Autoflower?

Watermelon OG has a beautiful strawberry and honey taste, as well as a watermelon flavor. Before a full-body sedating stone effect fills the body, it creates an energizing mind high that encourages imagination, joy, and concentration. This strain is ideal for a relaxing evening smoke that will help you fall asleep quickly.

What are the Medical Benefits of Watermelon OG Autoflower?

The Watermelon OG strain is used to treat insomnia, chronic pain, exhaustion, migraine, cramps, and other ailments because of its anti-inflammatory, medicating, and analgesic properties. Because of its uplifting and inspiring qualities, it may also help manage stress, PTSD, and depression. Patients with ADHD and ADD will feel more focused and concentrated after ingesting this strain.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Watermelon OG Autoflower

Smoking the Watermelon OG strain causes dehydration in the mouth and eyes. These side effects can be alleviated by using eye drops and drinking plenty of water. If this strain is ingested in large quantities, users can experience dizziness, anxiety, and paranoia. Consumption of this strain in moderation is strongly recommended.

How to Grow Watermelon OG Autoflower Marijuana Seeds?

Watermelon OG autoflowering strain proliferates and matures into a medium-sized plant with large, thick nuggets covered in crystal trichomes. They thrive in outdoor and indoor conditions, yielding a medium-sized crop in just 8-9 weeks. This strain is relatively easy to grow because it does not necessitate a lot of care and upkeep.

When grown indoors in a regulated environment with the temperature, light source, and temperature levels held at optimal levels, these plants may produce a medium-sized yield. To improve bud production and control plant growth, the SCROG and SOG techniques can be used.

Enable the plants to grow on their own in a warm, dry, inconspicuous location with direct sunlight if growing outdoors. To control the height and branch growth, some topping or trimming may be needed.


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