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Blue Head Band Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Blue Head Band is a satisfying strain with an amazing taste and flavor. You’ll love its impressive growing performance as it can grow tall with long nugs, rich with delicious THC. This strain grows fast and tall. You can grow yields of up to 1200 grams per plant with Blue Head Band.

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More About Blue Head Band (fem)

A Taste That You Will Never Forget

With a steady high to make you satisfied, the Blue Head Band is a truly delectable hybrid that is so amazing to taste and care for. Aside from being a smoker’s favorite, this strain satisfies home growers for its whopping yield. Being a complete half Sativa and half Indica, the Blue Head Band was made by picking the best traits from four distinct traits: ’76 Blueberry, Emerald OG, Cali Sour D, and the Pre ’98 Bubba.

In terms of height, this plant is a pure Sativa, towering over most strains by growing up to 360 cm. This is why instead of being chubby, the buds of this plant grow long. Even so, its nugs remain to be tight, dense, and coated with sticky trichomes.

The usual growth period of the Blue Head Band averages for about nine weeks. Depending on whether you grow it indoors or outdoors, you will be able to reap from 400 grams up to 1,200 grams of yield per plant.

3 reviews for Blue Head Band Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Terry M.

    Head high is a really unusual and fascinating experience! This strain was reasonably easy to cultivate, with the exception that I chose to keep it inside, and pruning this fast-growing plant can be a challenge. However, seeing it flourish in its golden colours was a masterpiece. Its tremendous production, which was gushing with delicious berry aroma–incredibly satisfying–was the same. The high buzz is quite relaxing for me. I’m dealing with depression, and this herb relieves all of my symptoms and leaves me with a pleasant clarity of thought. No more nighttime over-thinking. She calms and soothes my body. Everything was extremely interesting and fun. Sonoma, you are deserving of my 5-star rating!

  2. Lester E.

    Received some top-shelf seeds from Sonoma. This is my first time growing this strain and it did not disappoint. Every seed I planted grew healthy and the harvest was massive! Got some fat buds and the high produced was smooth and soothing. This is some great tasting strain as well. 9/10

  3. Scott Loper

    This is not hard to grow. All sprouted and popped up. Checked all the necessary, like humidity level and nutrients in the soil. These ladies grew fast and quick flowering and just waiting to harvest the shiny buds it produced. But overall she was super easy to grow & I highly recommend Blue Head Band!

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