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Exodus Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Exodus Cheese is a balanced hybrid with a very high THC and heavy yields. It is a strain meant for expert hands as it needs a lot of help to grow. Exodus Cheese is a small plant with very high yields. Its buds will have around 18% THC with delicious berry, sweet, cheese and blueberry flavors.

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More About Exodus Cheese (Fem)

Exodus Cheese (fem) is a balanced indica-sativa hybrid feminized cannabis strain. It is a strain with a high THC and will have heavy yields. Exodus Cheese is a genotype of a very potent Skunk #1; it is a feminized strain, and thus you will only grow female plants.

Exodus Cheese is not a beginner strain. The reason is primarily the size of the plant; it is small but will grow very high yields of 600 to 800 grams per plant. It needs a careful hand to support its large buds.

This strain will flower in 6 to 8 weeks, and despite being a small plant, it will give you high yields. The buds will have 18% THC and 0.3% CBD. You must grow your plants in a temperate or sunny climate to flourish. When the buds are ripe, your buds will have berry, blue cheese, blueberry, cheese, and sweet flavors.

1 review for Exodus Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. R. Cruz

    We grew our own Exodus Cheese indoors (we search it up a little) and it actually have some difficulty growing it. We used the Screen of Green system that totally help us grow this baby. Totally reminds me of cheddar when we tried it, but hot dang the sourness and pungent odor could drive people away. Totally not its greatest strength. Heck, even its taste carries over the cheese added with a bit of sweet nuts. Despite all of those, it’s totally the bringer of happiness when used. Can be helpful in managing depression and to alleviate the pain. With these alone, I could recommend Exodus Cheese but very wary of both its flavor and aroma.

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