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Haze XL Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


Haze XL Autoflower is a strain that may take time to bloom but as what they say, it’s worth the wait! This strain offers amazing results with impressive medicinal and recreational effects. It is great for beginners as you can cultivate this indoors or outdoors and will still produce good yields.

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More About Haze XL Autoflower 

The Sturdy and Huge Auto strain

As the name suggests, this Haze XL is a big and strong autoflowering strain. This is feminized cannabis that probably takes a little while to flower, but in all cases, it is always worth the wait. Once it’s ready to consume, all the fatigue and stress will never get a chance to stay in your body for too long. Of course, having these abilities will not be possible if not because of its genetics, the famous Haze and Jack Herrer strains and a little add on of Russian Ruderalis.

Some users find this as a relief from any health conditions because of its high THC content. Even if it is not your first choice of medical option, you might even a pain relief along with the boost of mood and creativity while you inhale its pine, woody, and citrus scents. It will always leave you ready for the day, as this strain is good for daytime usage.

It also delivers good results of harvest, and it works great for beginners and even established gardeners. It can grow in both indoor and outdoor areas for about 12 weeks with high yields. This strain is definitely ideal for self-preservation in a very hectic world we live in.

2 reviews for Haze XL Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. T. Harvey

    It developed extremely quickly in my backyard! All I had to do was ensure it was very well cared for. Since I work at home, it was fun to take a short break in the day to tend to the crops, which was actually very fun. I got a yield of 550 grams, which is incredible! This is my morning weed with coffee before I start work, and it’s really uplifting and soothing, as well as helping me stay focused. The scent of this plant is unique and identifiable. The scent of herbs, oak, and exotic wood fills the room the moment the bud is ignited. I believe many will love it as well. Definitely worth trying!

  2. J. Leblanc

    I work really hard every day, and I wouldn’t even get a rest day!  It’s draining, but I know that at the end of the day, I’ll have some excellent weed gon na wait for me to be at home. My fiancee assisted me with growing cannabis indoors. We use a combination of the Sea of Green technique and a hydroponic medium to produce a high-quality crop. It blooms for 12 weeks before producing a hefty 520g yield per plant. We enjoyed it as well! She always worries about me because of my hectic schedule, and she always has a good joint ready for me to smoke with her when I get home. Each cig takes us on a delicious trip. An earthy spice aroma plays on my palate the time that smoke hits my tongue. It leaves a distinct lemon-citrus flavor on exhale that remains for a long time. Next time, my fiance and I would like to have more of these seeds!

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