Wedding Cake Marijuana Seeds


Wedding Cake is a strain with indica-dominant qualities. It has delectable buds with delicious aromas and flavors. It smells satisfying and is a very resilient plant as it can resist mold, mildew, and cannabis diseases. You can cultivate this strain indoors or outdoors, in soil or in hydro, as it’s one of the most versatile strains.

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Wedding Cake Marijuana Seeds

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More About Wedding Cake Autoflower

Stability at its finest!

An Indica dominant strain which showcases very Indica-like properties from its structure alone, the Wedding Cake Auto boats delightful and delectable blends of aromas and flavors all together. Just by smelling its scent makes it all the more satisfying combining with rich Indica high that puts your head into a buzz-filled euphoria that quickly engulfs the users to be more talkative and sociable over the duration.

Although it is a small plant in nature, it makes up for its from its plethora of good quality traits, from being a sturdy plant to a vigorous structure combined with high resistance to molds and pests, this will surely have you on your heels whenever growing this strain. The plant thrives in all types of soil medium and can be an ideal plant for hydroponic. This goes to show how versatile this strain is.

Lastly, auto-flowering seeds that are stable are hard to come by, but with this strain, everything is possible!


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