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Black Widow feminized cannabis is a very potent strain with a classic sweet flavor and very intense high. It was made from the union of two potent landraces a Brazilian sativa and a South-Indian indica strain. You’ll love its mind-bending high thanks to its steep 28% THC. You need to take this moderately to avoid terrible side effects.

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More About Black Widow (fem)

Really Attractive and Really Potent

One of the legendary award-winning strains, the Black Widow, is one of the most potent strains in the world, and this has been proven to be a true-blue classic. If you are a hesitant first-timer, this is truly worth trying, and you will find the cultivation experience very rewarding. The Black Widow promises a sweet flavor, powerful aromas, and an intense potency, which is why it has become a favorite of many marijuana aficionados.

A little similar to the White Widow, this strain has also been made when a Brazilian Sativa and a South-Indian Indica were combined. This made it easy to care for with a very potent 24 to 28 percent THC level. And just like the spider, it was named after; users should be very careful with its strong bite.

Growing it is really easy, with its height reaching up to 90 cm, with yields ranging from 350 to 450 grams per plant.

3 reviews for Black Widow Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. L. Carrol

     It’s a lot of fun to cultivate it indoors! It won’t take much to get this herb through the flowering phase because it stayed around 85cm tall (ideal for a small growing room) and was resistant to various pests and diseases. After around 9 weeks, it generates around 430 grams/m2… Oh, Man! Right now, it’s just surprising me. It’s quite intense. My entire body feels so good. Even the tiny muscles between my fingers seem to be relaxed. I have the feeling that someone has put a light inside of me and switched it on lol. It’s as if a beam of bliss is flowing from my body. Smoke this weed if you just want to feel wonderful about yourself and that nothing can get ya down. It’s incredible!!

  2. Victor M.

    It took a while for my seeds to germinate, but once they did, they grew like insane! I ended up with an 80cm plant and was ecstatic with how much hemp I got on my first attempt, averaging 480g a plant outdoors. I smoke this marijuana every day and believe it’s ideal for a midday spliff because it keeps me focused until 3 p.m.I smoke this because I can’t take an afternoon nap at work. It might be a little skunky for my tastes, and it can smell extremely terrible if you don’t keep it well locked away, so depending on your current job, you may want to think about it though. Generally, a fantastic purchase!

  3. Bertrand Allain

    This is an amazing strain. Simple to grow, nice, thick buds. Smells Sweet and Fruity very hard body effects within my state little effect on my mental state except everything take much longer than normal. Very relaxing! I love the weed and this one is hard to beat. Happy with my purchase.

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