CBD Harlequin Kimbo Kush Marijuana Seeds


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CBD Harlequin Kimbo Kush Marijuana Seeds

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More About CBD Harlequin Kimbo Kush 

A primary strain that is being used in the medical field, this strain is heavy-hitting Indica-dominant hybrid that is being used in the treatment of medical conditions such as chronic pains, epileptic seizures, tremors, Parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid and behavioral disorders such as depression. The medical benefits are mainly because of its high CBD content. It can make you experience a long-lasting happy and relaxing high that can melt away stress and lead to couch lock or deep sleep. 


CBD Harlequin Kimbo Kush Fast Version has classic earthy and musky scents, and the flavor is a unique blend of citrus, lemon, and earth flavors. This strain can be cultivated indoors and outdoors, and it has a quick flowering time of about 6-7 weeks. It can thrive best in warm climates and can be anchored in good soil, but it can also adapt to other cannabis cultivating methods.


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