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Afghan Chocolope marijuana strain is an almost pure indica hybrid that has a great combination of physical and mental stimulation. This hybrid is a result of a cross between the popular Afghani feminized strain and an unknown autoflowering strain. The result is this couch locking weed that also gives the user a complete feeling of euphoria! With a THC level of 17%, this potent and flavorful strain is a surefire hit among recreational and medical cannabis users alike!

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More About Afghan Chocolope Fast Version

Type: Indica-dominant (90%)
Genetics Parents: Feminized Afghani x unknown strain
Flowering Period: 7- 8 weeks
Climate: Warm, Sunny, and Dry
Yield: 500 grams indoor and 900 grams outdoor
Flavors: Chocolate, Earthy, Vanilla, Sweet
THC Level: 17%
CBD Level:0.2%%
Height: Short
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Afghan Chocolope Fast Version?

Afghan Chocolope cannabis strain effects start with the users getting a buzzing head rush as a surge of energy will have the users feeling vigorous and ready to take on whatever they set out to do. As this boost of energy is happening, the buzzing intensifies and sends the user into a state of euphoria as their moods are uplifted. They will feel all the positive vibes in their head. But it is best to get things done ASAP as once the Indica starts to play, the user will drop everything as the immediate effect is an instant feeling of sedation. As it intensifies, the user will sink deeper into a pit of tranquility as all the muscles will start to loosen and the user will be looking for the nearest comfy spot to rest his sedated body. This couch-locking effect will eventually make the users sleepy and dreamland is not too far away!

Without even tasting the Afghan Chocolope, you will know that it will be really good! The strong fragrance of vanilla mixed with a bit of chocolate will greet the user’s nose as they catch a whiff of this weed. Scents of earthiness add to the uniqueness of its aroma. It gets even better once this is tasted as the pungent earthy flavor blends beautifully with that sweet vanilla and chocolate flavor. As the creamy smoke is exhaled, a faint tinge of sweet vanilla clings to the lips.

What are the Medical Benefits of Afghan Chocolope Fast Version?

Afghan Chocolope weed strains have a lot to offer medicinally. Its euphoric and mood uplifting high is a perfect treatment for medical cannabis patients suffering from depression, stress, and anxiety as this weed gives the user a feeling of optimism instead of feeling low due to the continuous influx of negative thoughts that hound their minds. A positive demeanor and an air of confidence give that user the motivation and inspiration to move on. Afghan Chocolope is also a great weed to counter pain-related disorders, Medical cannabis patients suffering from muscle spasms, back pains, joint inflammation, and chronic pain can find solace when they use this weed as its sedating and analgesic properties numb the pain and allow the users to be functional again!

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Afghan Chocolope Fast Version

Like any other cannabis hybrid, the Afghan Chocolope marijuana will cause dehydration. Cottonmouth, or dryness of the mouth can be reduced by consuming hydrating fluids during and after the smoke. Dry eyes are another effect of dehydration and can be remedied by moisturizing eye drops.

How to Grow Afghan Chocolope Fast Version?

Afghan Chocolope Fast Version weed strain can be cultivated indoors or outdoors as they are an easy strain to grow. They prefer to be growing in warm, sunny, and dry environments, so it is important to closely monitor humidity levels to keep excess water vapor out. For indoor growing, adequate ventilating equipment and a dehumidifier will help lower humidity, and for outdoor grows, having a couple of all-weather outdoor fans can help increase air circulation. These plants will start to flower and be ready for harvest in 7 to 8 weeks and yield a generous 500 to 900 grams of top-quality Afghan Chocolope weed!


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