Can you Tell the Sex of Cannabis Seeds

Out of all the considerations in growing cannabis, the sexual intercourse of the seeds is one of the most challenging factors. The intercourse of the plants are is important because growers are only rooting for the thriving of the female plants as they produce big THC-enriched buds or in some cases, the medical benefits CBD-enriched […]

Special Care in Growing Fast Version Marijuana Strains

A lot of reasons will be build-up when you want to grow fast version marijuana strains. It may not only consider what type of marijuana strains you need to grow but also on what are the special cares it needed to obtain it. The need to harvest it quickly can be a tone of you […]

Can You Breed Fast Version Strains with Regular Marijuana?

Cannabis cultivation is easily taking the lead in the local market and dispensaries. More people are becoming interested in trying to breed, plant, and smoke some new strains that serve them well in all aspects. However, the need for speed in cultivation is, thus, highly required, too. Gone are the days when only the regulars […]

How are Fast Version Marijuana Strains Made

Time is very important, like gold, according to a saying, especially to some commercial growers who are aiming for more harvest within one season. Others will have their own reasons why they like to grow fast version. Of course, Fast Version seeds are quick-growing ones that need less effort from growers during cultivation but may […]

Tips on How to Get Bigger Yields from Fast Version Cannabis Strains

Not only is the shorter time for growing an in-demand type these days but also those that give away also very high yield. Combining those two traits could be such a blessing to any cannabis breeder to have. Definitely, there is no harm in trying to produce your own original fast-growing bud. However, doing it, […]

What are Fast Version Cannabis Plants?

Growing marijuana strains require a lot of patience and hard work. However, some experienced growers just don’t have the patience to wait due to a lot of factors. Novice growers may also find it hard to cope up in terms of growing a regular weed due to lack of experience. Hence, most of them turn […]

Common Errors in Growing New Cannabis Strains

Cannabis cultivation is such a laborious and time-consuming task to do for both seasoned and newbie cultivators. Although many sources of information regarding this matter are now found in books, social media, blogs, and video tutorials uploaded on the internet, some other growers still want to make their own way to successful cultivation in which […]

How to Flower Cannabis Fast?

It could be because you are in a country where the transition of the seasons should be taken into consideration, or might be because your recreational or medicinal stock is about to run out. The reason could be you are moving to a new abode, or perhaps you live in an area where it is […]

How Long Does CBD Stay in your system

A lot of people prefer CBD dominant strains for its more gentle effects, as well as its powerful medicinal uses. Having amazing medicinal effects and lighter effects, CBD seeds and CBD-high strains are sought after not only by patients in need of instant pain relief and medication, by also by smokers who just wanted to […]

How to Breed a Strain of Marijuana for High CBD

Not adept in the diversity of the scientific language of marijuana will draw you difficulty in knowing the similarities and differences is. If you are ignorant of it and you want to breed new cannabis but have a lack of knowledge on it, then it would be so hard on your part. You may be […]